High Fall (Wix).jpg

Jump specific platforms are erected at 22ft (6.7m) | 31ft (9.4m) & 40ft (12.2m) with restrictive intermediate levels starting at 9ft (2.8m) into a dual chambered airbag (Depending on numbers the height may increase to 50ft (15.2m)). Minimum of 5 attendees required for sessions to run, limited to 15 places. Elbow pads and back protector recommended.

Fire Burn (Wix).jpg

Covering partial to full fire burns (arms; legs & body without silicone mask), fire safety and safe practices when working in and around fire. Must provide own fire suit (optional), protective underwear and clothing to wear for the actual burns. Fire suits are not compulsory but protective underwear is (CarbonX; Nomex; OMP etc), no underwear; no burn.

Stair Fall (Wix).jpg

12 open side stair sections, wooden full boxed steps 8ft in width. Learn to or improve existing techniques with this introduction to falling down stairs.

Air Ram (Wix).jpg

Using a state-of-the-art progressive dual piston system giving a smoother lift and the ability to control your body position much more easily using minimum pressures. Will include a brief introduction on how the system operates as well as the differences between different types of ram. Sessions are limited to 12 places per session, it is compulsory to bring full knee/shin pads but please feel free to bring back protector, elbows, knees & hip pads or any other pads you feel you might need.

Reactions (Wix).jpg

Covering ground work reactions, bullet hits, trampette work, manual wire pulls, multi-level hits, falls & reactions including work from & over railings onto safety & crash mats. Sessions are limited to 20 places, it is recommend to bring a back protector, elbows, knees & hip pads.

Ratchet (Wix).jpg

An introduction to jerk rams including safety briefing and setup procedures. Backwards, sideways ratchets, front pulls and wraps will be covered. It is highly recommended to bring a back protector, elbows, knees, hip pads and a hard shell helmet.

To interlace with the Jerk Ram session, a selection of hand pull and deadman wire gags to give attendees a taster experience.

Car Hit (Wix).jpg

From side deflections, bonnet hits and glancing impacts, the car hits session teaches you how to protect yourself whilst still looking like a convincing reaction to being hit by a moving motor vehicle.