Learn more about the professionals that run the sessions.

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Tony Christian
Founder and Owner

A Stunt Coordinator; Performer & Rigger for 20 years with an extensive credit list in film; television and live shows, Tony is a member of the British Stunt Register and established The Action House in 2018 after running training sessions for 10 years. He is the lead organiser for all the scheduled courses & sessions and you can visit his personal website at www.tonychristian.co.uk

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Martin Vose
Stunt Assistant

Martin is a stunt performer and also a member of the British Stunt Register. With a background in trampolining, Martin helps to assist on the stunt training sessions and has appeared in Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and Dr Who.

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Colin Roberts

Colin is the Action House's go to armourer and pyrotechnics advisor. He provides squib hit effects and advises on correct weapon usage & safety procedures for all the attendees. He also works as a background artist often cast as police and armed officers.

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Medic Support

Location Medical Services Ltd provide the medics required for each training session. Fully qualified paramedics with kit who oversee the sessions from a safety aspect.